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Jewels Ministry

We will show that it is possible to lives of divine balance to our peers and this generation; paving the way for future generations. We will represent Christ in every area of our life spiritually, socially, emotionally and academically. This is the right we have as Daughters of THE King; We are JEWELS, Precious, Priceless, Fearfully and Wonderfully made!


Please read this letter from GOD’S HEART/MY HEART TO YOURS!


There is so much contending against this generation. Everywhere you turn there is something or someone trying to deter our young men and women from living out lives predestined and ordained by God. New trends, social media, pop culture and peers have such an impact in influencing the identities our young people embrace. So much so that the church appears to be the last thing they consult in choosing which path to take.



Jewels is a ministry set in this region to show young girls how to use The Word of God as their foundation for who they choose to become. We all have a path and life to live out but it’s up to us to choose which way to travel it. God placed a plan and purpose inside us all from the beginning of time. Before we were even thoughts on our parents’ minds He foreknew and predestined a life for us full of purpose, potential and greatness. However, it’s so often that young lives are wasted away and people leave this earth never knowing that abundantly blessed life God intended for them.


We all come from different backgrounds and walks of life but The Word and will of God works the same for us all! All we have to do is choose that path; His path, His timing, His will, His way! Although it seems like it’s a high cost to pay and it’s one no young person in their right mind would choose; that is far from the truth! The Bible is full of examples of young men and women who chose at an early age to follow after God and their stories are forever being read and told through His Word. Could you imagine for a moment if we all decided to really sit down and weigh our options before just acting? Before we decided just to follow trends, and follow our friends and the crowd; what if we really made a pro and con list for salvation and living for CHRIST! I can guarantee you this-there would be no cons or any regrets! I dare you to do it; RIGHT NOW! All that you think you’ll lose was never worth having in the first place. All that you think you’ll miss I guarantee He will fill it with so much more! He’ll bless you with friends who are loyal, and who have real standards according to their own walk and personal relationship with The Lord. He will send you a love that was CREATED (meaning made from scratch, stamped with HEAVENS approval) just for you.


The MOST rewarding thing of choosing Christ is a guarantee to never be alone one single day for the rest of your life! There are guidelines, things we must do to be sure the relationship we build with God is alive and well but it’s nothing like trying to hold on to someone or something that was never yours to have! I pray that this at the very least causes you to weigh out what things in your life may seem to be weighing you down or just not “fitting” right in your life. Then I pray that you take the time to TALK with God. I mean REALLY TALK TO HIM! He’s waiting to hear FROM YOU … YES YOU!! Give it a try, right now, this very moment! You won’t be disappointed. Know that the ministry of Obedience to the Word is here, Jewels is open and ALL OF HEAVEN IS FOR YOU! You’re never alone or too far away. We’re a phone call, an email, a text, a drive, ONE CLICK AWAY! I love you with the love of The Lord.


May God bless, keep and protect you EVERYWHERE YOU GO!


The Ministry Leader is Minister Walisha Thornton.