Ephesians 4

Obedience to the Word Leaders

1ELDRESS DENISE NANCE: became a part of the ministry of Obedience to the Word in August 2008. She has been an ordained Elder for about fifteen years. Eldress Nance is currently the leader of the Women of Obedience women's ministry as well as the Worth the Wait Singles Ministry. Each participant of the singles ministry will develop such an oneness in relationship with Abba Father that they will no longer look at singleness the same again. We plan to be one another's keeper as well as encourage one another as we become the mature women of God he has predestined us to be. We will accomplish this not only through the Word, but through fellowship, in and outside of the church walls.








1MINISTER HARLEE BALLARD:Minister Ballard joined Obedience to the Word in 2004. Minister Ballard is a sold out soldier in the Army of the Lord. He exemplifies a deep passion for the men who are imprisoned in the local prison. Through his own experiences, he desires to share the Word of God and encouragement to the incarcerated prisoners. Minister Ballard and his wife Carolyn Ballard are the leaders of the Redemption House Prison Ministry.












1MINISTER ANDRE' NANCE: is the youngest member in age only of the Pulpit Staff of Obedience to the Word. Minister Nance came to Obedience to the Word at the tender age of sixteen with a deep desire and passion to know more of his Abba Father. Delivering his initial sermon at the age of fourteen, he is forever maturing into the man God has preordained him to be. He is a man after the very heart, presence and face of God. Not being selfish, he also desires to see the people of God (more specifically the younger generation) become ALL that God has called them to become before the foundation of the world. Minister Nance is currently the Minstrel of Music, a Sunday School Teacher, Touch and Agree Prayer Ministry member, as well as the Ministry leader for the "Sold Out" Youth Ministry of OTTW.







1MINISTER MICHAEL COLLINS: Minister Collins was first drawn to Obedience to the Word by the mere site of the ministry sign on the corner of Roxboro Road and Bon Air Avenue. Minister Collins and his family began by attending Sunday worship service as well as Bible study before joining the ministry of OTTW in February 2012. Minister Collins and his family comes to Obedience to the Word from High Point, NC. In addition to being on the Pulpit Staff, Minister Collins is a Sunday School teacher, Usher, and the president of the "Men of Character Men's Ministry.












MINISTER MAYARKA COLLINS: Minister Collins, the wife of Minister Michael Collins also comes to Obedience to the Word by way of High Point, NC. Minister Collins stepped into this ministry with such humility and willingness to first learn and then serve in whatever capacity God and her Pastors needed her to serve. Minister Collins became a citizen of OTTW in February 2012 and was confirmed as a member of the Pulpit Staff in January 2014. Minister Mayarka is on the Pastor Aide Ministry and serves in various other ministries to include an intercessor for the Touch and Agree Prayer Ministry.


1MINISTER WALISHA THORNTON: Minister Walisha became a citizen of OTTW in 2008. During her tenure of being at OTTW, Minister Walisha has been a part of the Women of Worship dance minsitry, Praise Ensemble, Women's Ministry/Choir, and Jewels. Minister Walisha has allowed the Spirit of God and her Apostle and Pastor to help in the maturing of the call He has on her life. Minister Walisha delivered her initial sermon on October 19, 2014 and is currently the leader of the Jewels ministry, as well as an assistant to Sold Out Youth Ministry.



EVANGELIST BRENDA BURROW: Evangelist Burrow, the wife of Deacon Wallace Burrow became a part of Obedience to the Word in 2006. Ordained in 2008,, she indeed exemplies the characterists of an evangelist in caring and praying for the souls of those who are lost. In addition to being a part of the Pulpit staff, she is also a vital part of the Evangelism team and actively assist in providing food, clothing and shelter for all who are in need inside and outside the walls of Obedience to the Word.




Where the presence of the Lord govers EVERYTHING we do!!