Isaiah 40:31
Worth the Wait Singles Ministry

We purpose to orchestrate a Singles Ministry for singles and the unmarried to gather in worship, prayer, discipleship, fellowship and outreach on an ongoing and consistent basis. We purpose to aid in the personal development of each person by providing an environment where everyone will know that they are loved and accepted primarily by God, and secondarily by each other. We purpose to facilitate the divine destiny of each person, teaching them that God has a plan to prosper them, and not harm them, and give them hope and a future.


We purpose to assist each person in the various transitions in life and ministry. The first are we will purpose to focus on is to make sure everyone will embrace the power in being single, whole and complete with Abba Father first. Once we embrace that, then we will assist in the areas of the expectations of getting married, raising children, etc. We will also assist in the areas of spiritual development in strength, endurance, being a good steward, wisdom, diligence, accountability, and availability. We believe that as we target these areas, it will help in spiritual growth and maturity and fulfilling the predestined destiny God has for our individual lives.


 Being single is taking the time to get to know who you are, knowing the desires of your heart; its just you and God. Being single leaves room for being completely content in your relationship with Christ. It is a gift from God and we will completely embrace this gift with everything within us.


The Singles Ministry meet the first Friday of each month @ 6:30 p.m. for singles prayer, teaching and fellowship. Because God has made us three part being, we also incorporate outreach and fellowship on a quarterly basis by simply getting together and having fun and fellowship through various activities.


The ministry leader is Sister Shanta' Rackley