Youth Ministry

We will not abandon any of our brothers & sisters in Christ, but we will lift them in the strength and might of the Lord, when they are at their weakest moments. Above all else, we commit ourselves to always strive for growth & maturity spiritually, behaviorally and socially. This is our statement of declaration in Jesus name!”

In a generation that is without purpose and identity, I believe God is raising up a sold out generation at OTTW that will represent Him with boldness and commitment despite the darkness surrounding us. We will be balanced in all areas of our lives. We will not tolerate submission and obedience to church authority without it first being demonstrated at home. We will be active spiritually and socially. We will bring forth a generation that is Spirit-filled, Spirit-led and kingdom minded. God is raising up a generation at OTTW that will know how to pray, fast, praise, worship and study the Word of God with understanding. God is raising up a generation at OTTW that will know how to properly apply the Word of God spiritually and practically. We are a youth ministry of excellence, not average. We are a youth ministry that is committed to winning the lost because we were once lost. The OTTW Sold Out Youth Ministry will be a mature ministry filled with mature youth that are constantly striving towards the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus.

Spiritual Agenda

Our aim for 2015 and beyond is to have a strong youth ministry as it relates to being (first) passionate in our walk with Christ & continuing to strive for deeper and greater levels in God.

    Fasting & prayer


This should be the foundation of every believer; therefore, it is one of the primary things we want to truly establish in the lives of the youth. We are going to schedule two times a month for the youth ministry to fast and pray during that month. During the fasting and prayer time, each youth will write down what they heard the Lord reveal to them during that time, which will also train them on how to hear God for themselves. We will also have a focus during that month specifically for our fasting and prayer times.


    Prayer breakfast


The OTTW youth prayer breakfast is an opportunity for the youth to take part in an environment of fellowship, prayer and intercession. The goal of this prayer breakfast is to gather the youth, as a unit, for effective prayer & intercession on behalf of the body of Christ, families, governmental leaders and for this generation. This event will be used as a tool to strengthen the youth in their relationship with Jesus Christ and help them to increase more in the area of prayer & intercession.


This year, we want to organize the prayer breakfast accordingly: we will have target prayers and assigned prayer designates; we will take up prayer requests prior to the event; after we do the target prayers, we will gather at the altar and we will have certain ones to pray for the prayer requests; we will close with a corporate prayer. The theme for this year’s prayer breakfast will be “What Does Heaven Have to Say?”


Praise & Worship Team/Intercessory Prayer Team


There is a possibility that we will also initiate a youth praise & worship team as well as intercessory prayer team. The praise & worship team will be singing for youth Sundays (occasionally switching with the Mass choir). The intercessory prayer team will be equipped to not just pray in-house, but also schedule times where we will do outreach prayers for the community. This also is a goal we are working towards. Overall, the youth ministry plans to do a variety of things that will comprise of spiritual and social activities. However, the primary focus in all these activities is that we want to represent Christ and bring Him the glory that is due His name. We want to become excellent in our prayer life. We want to become excellent in our fasting life. We want to become excellent in our study of the Word. We want to become excellent in our praise and worship. We want to become excellent in our academics. We want to become excellent socially and behaviorally. It is all about becoming excellent in every area of our lives! We are striving to become the next leaders, preachers, teachers, trail blazers and trend setters in our homes, families as well as communities.

Social Agenda


Basketball game/Football game/Kickball game—the youth will be engaged in an annual basketball, football game, or/and kickball tournament game where a team is formed by one team captain and the teams come together to compete; a prize will be distributed to the team that wins the game.


Every month or every two months, we will schedule a “Camp Out” event or an outing to a scheduled location. Fund-raisers will be discussed to plan either an in-state or an out-of-state trip; the trip can be to an amusement park, a concert, a conference etc. We must dedicate the time and commitment to getting together a fundraiser(s) and we must also have a goal in mind of how much money we want to raise as well as where we want to go.


Big Brothers, Big Sisters Mentoring Program— This is not a duplicated or imitated idea from the actual program “Big Brothers, Big Sisters”. Rather, it is mentoring program that the Lord placed upon my heart specifically for the youth ministry. We want to work towards establishing a mentoring program where each young adult, teen, and youth is assigned to an accountability partner. This partner will be their “big brother” or “big sister” and will help their “mentees” in the following areas: (1) spiritually- they will be a type of spiritual role model and example (2) academically- if “mentees” are struggling in an area of academics, the partner will help them in that particular area. The “big brothers, big sisters” program is spiritually based and not socially limited. There can be times when the “big brothers, big sisters” can spend some outside time with their fellow “mentees” as long as it is socially appropriate. This is a future establishment and a goal we are working towards.



Sold Out Youth Ministry meet the last Friday of every month at 6:30 p.m. The ministry leader is Evangelist Brenda Burrow and Minister Andre' Nance.